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DENT ROOT™ Sculpture by Richleigh! and other noted Sculptors of the Ozarks.









The unique growing conditions and environment found in certain locations of the Ozark Mountains produces tree roots with unusual characteristics. Instead of being long, straight and tapered, they end up becoming misshapen in a curious manner.


The roots often twist, turn, convolute and assume irregular proportions as they take circuitous paths through the soil substrate in which they grow. Alternately, they may also grow in the shape of a spiral, or even a full circle. They are often pock marked with moderate to severe indentations of various sizes and shapes at irregular intervals along their length. Some actually have. .  .  




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High-tech innovation makes it possible! 


A particular type of hand-held high tech engraving equipment was developed by an American Inventor in the early 1980's. Because of its ultra high speed (over 400,000 rpm) and low torque, enterprising artists soon discovered that it was perfect for engraving a variety of materials including wood, metal, glass, bone. antler, ivory, and even eggshells! 


Although a number of artists became proficient in carving eggshells, some very tricky technical problems remained unsolved. Because of the compound-complex and often asymmetrical curvature of eggshells, it has been considered nearly impossible for eggshell sculptors to satisfactorily produce geometrically symmetrical designs. 


With years of innovative experience, Richard L. Newell, a.k.a. Richleigh! has not only become a master of sculpting eggshells, but also has successfully pioneered the way for incorporating symmetrical designs into his uniquely sculptured eggshells. Although he does not reveal all his secrets, Newell admits to incorporating a series of optical illusions into his skillfully executed designs. These are most spectacularly rendered in the smaller eggs such as those from ducks, turkeys, peacocks, geese. etc.










Emu, rhea, ostrich and other exotic eggshells also receive special attention from Newell. His elegant creations have universal appeal and are cherished by art admirers both in the United States and abroad. 









Newell's exquisite masterpieces are reputed to be of museum exhibition quality. Many of his dramatically produced eggshell sculptures have been acquired for private collections by connoisseurs of intricate works of art. The acquisitions you invest in today may become your legacy to future generations. 


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