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your health can ALWAYS improve."
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Our Philosophy

Everything in the Universe (a.k.a. Cosmos) is inseparably interconnected.  Every single thing in the Universe affects everything else. Likewise,  everything in the body of an individual and the environment in which s/he lives is interconnected, as well. 


Every living thing in the  Cosmos is designed to live to the fullest capacity of its creation. To do this, it must be as healthy as it possibly can be. As Human Beings  in this cosmos, we are designed to live long, healthy lives so that we can express ourselves to match the fullness of our creation.


Restating the above: an individual's Mind, Body, Spirit, and Emotions are definitely inseparably connectied.  In addition, there is also an inseparable external connection to  the people, places, and things  with which we live. The state of health every cell in the body affects the state of health of every other cell in the body.

One external factor which affects the health each Human Being to a very high degree is his or her financial circumstances.


Therefore, the mission of the Valley of Renewell, LLC and its subsidiary, Cosmic Expansion Transformational Holistic Health (CETHH) is that of "Helping Every Living Person on this planet to develop  a Heathier Mind, Body, Spirit, Emotions, Environment, and A Healthier Pocketbook".

Everything posted on these pages is related in some way to this main theme.


You will find the latest information about us on this page. Our company is constantly evolving and growing. We provide wide range of Holistic Health products and services. Our mission is to provide best solution that helps everyone find what they have been looking for all their lives.


If you want to contact us, please fill the contact form on our website. We wish you a good day! 

About Us

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RICHARD L. NEWELL was born in 1942 of a genealogically diverse heritage and reared in rural New England, USA. He moved to Florida in 1958 where he later received a BS Degree in Agriculture from the University of Florida. Newell, the father of four girls and five boys, simultaneously enjoyed two diversified careers and several minor occupations. He also developed his talents as a poet, writer and educator.

Under his artistic pseudonym, Richleigh!, Newell is especially recognized for his whimsical and surrealistic “Forged Rock” (a forgery of a rock) Garden Sculptures, three dimensional Wall Sculptures, and his intricately carved and breathtakingly delicate Sculptured Eggshells.


He retired in 2000 and spent three years doing volunteer work as a naturalistic ecologist for a Biological Reserve in the cloud forest of Costa Rica.

Newell now resides in the Arkansas Ozarks near the small, North Central town of Yellville where he is involved in creatively helping others find what they have been looking for all their lives, achieve their goals and find their fulfillment in life, work and spiritual understanding. He also believes in helping others overcome emotional and physical challenges through adopting fuller, richer Perspectives on Life, Self-Transformation, Healing, and Mystical Awakening.


From early childhood, Richard has been a student and practitioner of the arts of natural healing. Richard’s 51-acre homestead is now in use as a center for meditation and healing the mind, body and spirit. Participants receive special attention to help them overcome the adverse effects of the major causes of illness and disease. His diversified teachings include healing the Earth, healing other people, healing creatures, and healing our own selves.


Newell has transformed multiple Developmental, Physical and Cognitive challenges into assets. He attributes much of his success to his highly developed Intuitive Understanding. This allows him to instinctively grasp and utilize Universal Truths, which originate far beyond his intellectual capacity.


Using his unique literary talents, Newell writes from the perspective of his Earth-based Spirituality, Personal Capabilities and Intuitive Adaptability.

Endeavoring to live a life deeply in tune with Nature, Newell strives to walk a simple, peaceful path. He cultivates his own food, honors the spiritual, and lives out a philosophy, which draws happiness and satisfaction from wholesome and simple goodness, sustainability, spirituality, and closeness to Nature.


The Valley Of Renewell, LLC 
Healthier Mind, Body,
Spirit, Emotions -
and A Healthier Pocketbook!